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Top 3 Ways To Become A Doctor in the USA

Top 3 Ways To Become A Doctor in the USAThe most prestigious and most paid profession in the United States is a doctor. Moreover, in many states, a doctor’s salary can go up to $400,000 a year, which is 10 times more than the average salary in America (about $40,000). Doctors have no such income in any country in the world.

In comparison, in France, the average salary of a doctor per year is $55,000, and in the States $194,000. The huge incomes of doctors in the United States make life not just comfortable, but rich and luxurious. Many doctors performing procedures or even minimally invasive operations own yachts, expensive houses, exclusive cars and even their own private jets. Being a doctor in the USA is mega prestigious, fashionable and very honorable.

Naturally, you cannot get this money easy. In order to become a doctor in America, you need to study a lot. For example, to work as a therapist, you need to spend at least 11 years after school.

Number1 Step: the hardest and the most expensive

This way is the most difficult and most expensive, but with a 100% result. After 12 years of studying in a good American school, you will go to college for a Bachelor of Science. In order to enter such an institution, you need a high GPA (Grade Point Average), often you need an SAT exam, three letters of recommendation, an essay, an application and a $50 fee for reviewing your candidacy. After admission, you will have to study for 4 years. It is recommended to take additional credits (i.e. subjects) in chemistry, biology, physics.

After successfully graduating from college and receiving a bachelor’s degree, you need to enter medical school. Required documents: GPA from the school, recommendations from professors from the college teaching medical subjects, MCAT (Medical School Admission Test, medical entrance exam), certificate from the college (transcript). The studying term is 4 years.

After graduating from medical school and passing difficult exams (USMLE Steps), medical residency is ahead. It is different depending on the specialty. For a therapist, this is internal medicine, which takes 3 years to study. For a neurosurgeon and plastic surgeon, residency can be up to 9 years. For some specialties, you also need to complete a fellowship (approximately 2 years). Only after that do you become a doctor. Thus, for an ordinary therapist, the period of study after school is 11 years, for a neurosurgeon – 17 years.

Now we calculate the budget. We do not consider the Ivy League and various prestigious universities, but take a good Georgetown college (21st in the ranking). A year of study costs $40,203. Thus, for 4 years $160,812 dollars + accommodation for 4 years in a hostel $48,960 (for a year $12,240). Total $209,772 + food, insurance, laptop, cellular, etc. Some of these espenses are covered by payday lending. You may read more about payday loans Poway or payday loans online California by following the links offered. The website contains detailed info and reviews about different short lending options.

Medical School – Emory Medical School (21st in the ranking). A year of study costs $43,300. For 4 years $173,200 + accommodation is about the same $48,960. Total $222,160. It is extremely difficult to enroll.

In total, for college and medical school, you need to pay approximately $431, 932 (excluding food, clothing, books and other needs).

At top universities, the competition is even more competitive. 165 people out of 5324 applicants entered the Harvard University (a competition of 32 people per one place).

Number2 Step: less expensive way to become a doctor

The second method is less expensive and almost 100%. The schools of the Caribbean are becoming more and more popular with Americans. For example St. George University in the Caribbean. Among the students of such schools, 69% are US citizens.

  1. First, enroll to such schools are much easier (4 out of 5 applicants are enrolled).
  2. Second, there is cheap tuition compared to North American medical schools, and cheap insurance and accommodation.
  3. Thirdly, a diploma issued in the Caribbean is recognized in the United States (students are required to pass the USMLE).
  4. Fourth, all rotations take place in US hospitals.

A semester, for example, at Winsdor University will cost $4,990, for all tuition $49,990, and most importantly, accommodation is included in the price already.

Thus, medical school costs almost $50,000 with accommodation, but no meals. In fact, there is still a college course, but in this case it is not necessary to go to the expensive one, you can get by with a college for $10,000 a year.

Number3 Step: Almost free option

The third method is almost free. According to ECFMG, 44% of non-state high school graduates who passed the USMLE exams have enrolled in US residency. True, it does not say from what time, but still the percentage of applicants is impressive.

To complete this method, you will need to enroll in a medical university in your country. Study for 6 years, get a diploma, register on the ECFMG website (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates), send the required documents: diploma translation, completed application forms, photos and register for the first USMLE Step 1 exam.

In total, you need to pass three exams:

  • USMLE Step 1 cost $740 (Basic Science: physiology, pathology, anatomy, pathological anatomy, microbiology, pharmacology, embryology, behavior, biochemistry, etc.), then
  • USMLE Step 2 CK cost $840 (Clinical Knowledge: all clinical subjects) and last
  • USMLE Step 2 CS cost $1,200 (Clinical Skills – passing practical skills on actors).

In total, the third method costs about $2,000. True, this is without a flight to the USA (practical skills are surrendered only in America).

The length of the first and second step: 8 hours each, taken on a computer in the form of a test. Practical skills are surrendered to actors in special centers. After surrender, apply for a match in which you choose a clinic / residency, and it accepts you, in turn. Go to an interview and sign a contract (if offered). After residency, you pass the last exam for a medical license, and – you are a doctor with a minimum starting salary for a therapist in a hospital of $15,000 per month (minus tax from 22 to 33%).

Despite salaries of $15,000, $30,000 and even $50,000 a month, there is a shortage of doctors in America, and it is not only the high cost of education, but the length of study, competition for admission, exhausting study in medical school and a large amount of work in the future. For example, no one is surprised by the almost 100 hour schedule per week of a medical resident, so probably many do not even consider such a difficult and expensive path of a doctor for themselves.