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September 6, 2011 Leadership Team minutes

How the Affordable Care Act Helps Michigan Families.   The Affordable Care Act will provide direct financial relief to millions of insured Michigan families that struggle to pay health insurance premiums today. The new law will give families the option to shop for a plan in new state insurance marketplaces (called “exchanges”) and to receive a robust discount on their premiums (through a refundable “premium tax credit”). The Affordable Care Act will also help people who have insurance by protecting them from high deductibles, high copayments, and unexpected gaps in their insurance coverage in three ways: It will eliminate lifetime and annual limits on how much a health insurance plan will pay for covered benefits (so that plan payments don’t abruptly “run out”), it will cap how much a person must spend each year on deductibles and copayments for covered benefits, and it will provide additional help with out-of-pocket costs for lower-income families.

Why We Need a Health Insurance Exchange is a one-page handout that cites several reasons why consumers will benefit from the new exchanges, including competition, affordability, and quality. (Families USA June 2011)

The Affordable Care Act: Patients’ Bill of Rights and Other Protections is a compilation of all of our fact sheets to date on consumer rights and protections. (Families USA April 2011)

Medicare’s New Wellness Visit: What It Means for You A consumer fact sheet on Medicare’s new wellnss visit benefit under the Affordable Care Act (Families USA March 2011)

Shaping Medicaid Managed Care Expansions to Better Serve Consumers (Community Catalyst)

Michigan Consumers for Healthcare fact sheet on Seniors

Michigan Consumers for Healthcare fact sheet on how the ACA benefits Women

Michigan Consumers for Healthcare fact sheet for people with Disabilties

Michigan Consumers for Healthcare fact sheet for Young adults

Michigan Consumers for Healthcare fact sheet for families

Michigan Consumers for Heatlhcare fact sheet for African Americans

The Affordable Care Act Provisions and Michigan Consumers

The Affordable Care Act Impact in Michigan