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Take Action

Ten Ways YOU Can Defend Medicaid in Michigan

  1. Use our Defense of Medicaid toolkit to know the basics about Medicaid in Michigan and Graduate Medical Education (GME). Learn what these programs do, who and how they help, and why they’re so important for a healthy Michigan.
  2. Share our Defense of Medicaid toolkit with organizations you belong to, such as a house of worship and service clubs, and with your family and community. Ask them to commit to getting involved by performing at least one of the actions on this list.
  3. Share your stories with us so we can show how Medicaid and GME have helped you, your family, and friends. Just visit our story bank at (do we need to set up a different Medicaid storybank page, or add Medicaid stories to the existing page at The stories of real people demonstrate Medicaid’s benefits better than any numbers or charts can.
  4. Record a video explaining how Medicaid helped you and your family and post it to sites like Share the link with us and post it to your own social media sites.
  5. Sign and send our letter supporting GME funding to your state legislators by visiting our Action Alert here.
  6. Use your elected officials’ social media sites, such as Facebook, to post comments supporting Medicaid and GME in Michigan and opposing budget cuts. Use your own social media presence to defend Medicaid and publish a link to our MCH’s toolkit and resources at
  7. Send emails and faxes to your elected officials in support of Medicaid and GME.Find your elected officials here.
  8. Send a letter to the editor of your local paper using our template or write one of your own.
  9. Learn even more about the many ways Medicaid helps Michigan and the nation, including poll data, economic impacts, and cost savings strategies, by visiting
  10. Contact local groups that work with the disabled, elderly, pregnant women, and children, and urge them to join the Defense of Medicaid.