Working Together For Michigan Consumers To be Healthy

MCH Co-Submits Amicus Brief on Severability Issue Before the U.S. Supreme Court

The Patient Protection and Affordable care Act expanded health care coverage in several ways by reforming the health care financing and delivery system. These reforms benefit all of us.

Amici have attempted to put the ACA in context. The so-called ‘mandate’ is only one tool, and not the most important one, in the ACA. The ACA has already taken effect in major ways, with one of its most basic provisions already implemented [Medical Loss Ratio limits].

Our present system burdens ordinary Americans and does not deliver services to millions who need them. Bankruptcy, medical debt, and morbidity and mortality all increase in the system as it is now. If there is a ‘liberty’ interest here it is in those who will be free of the burdens the present system imposes and who will be able to live fuller lives, living up to their full potential, because of the ACA.

We dedicate this brief to those who have suffered under the present system – especially to the thousands who have died because they had no insurance and no access to affordable care.

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