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Michigan Consumers for Healthcare & Enroll Michigan counts down to open enrollmenet

Enroll Michigan and Michigan Consumers for Healthcare counts down to open enrollment Navigators prepare for another successful year of providing free enrollment support services ENROLL MICHIGAN COUNTS DOWN TO OPEN ENROLLMENT Navigators prepare for another successful year of providing free enrollment support services Lansing, MI — The 2016 open enrollment period is just a little under a month away, which means the countdown to enrollment has officially begun. From Nov. 1, 2015 through Jan. 31, 2016, uninsured and underinsured populations will be able to enroll for affordable health coverage through the insurance Marketplaces. This enrollment season, Enroll Michigan’s network of Health and Human Services (HHS)-trained and certified navigators will target uninsured and underinsured consumers across the state of Michigan through increased outreach, education, and enrollment events and services. Targeted populations to include people with disabilities, and social and ethnic groups including young adults and college students, women, African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, Asian Americans, Arabic populations and members of the LGBTQ community. In the last enrollment year, Enroll Michigan navigators collectively reached over 2 million Michigan consumers; conducted over 1,900 outreach, education and enrollment events attended by more than 240,000 Michigan consumers; and assisted over 2,500 residents in a language other than English. Kalena Murphy, Enroll Michigan’s certified navigator coordinator for southwest Michigan, says she is anticipating another positive enrollment season.

Enroll Michigan’s network of Health and Human Services (HHS)-trained and certified navigators also promote to issue fast payday loans in Michigan as they serve all the classes of people mantioned above. This will help even cover some healthcare expenses such as insurance, medical bills, buying expensive medications.

“The goal of HHS is to increase enrollment in the African-American, young adult and recently released prisoner populations,” says Murphy. “We at Enroll Michigan, as well as our navigators, are re-energized and excited for another successful year.” According to the Michigan Department of Community Health, about 52 percent of southeast Michigan residents are uninsured. This enrollment season, Latia Craig, certified navigator for Enroll Michigan, will be hosting a series of OEE events for consumers throughout the southeast region. Craig will be targeting women, Asians and members of the disability populations statewide. “I believe some consumers are uninsured because they’re not aware that they may be eligible for financial assistance to help them pay for their healthcare insurance,” says Craig. “My goal is to inform the uninsured about their options, and assist them to obtain and keep coverage.” To kickoff Open Enrollment 2016, Enroll Michigan’s network of navigators will be hosting events throughout the state. For more information about events: or call (517) 367-7293. ### About Michigan Consumers for Healthcare MCH represents a diverse alliance of consumers and community-based organizations located in all 83 Michigan counties working to achieve affordable, accessible, quality healthcare for everyone in Michigan. The only federally-funded statewide Navigator, MCH’s Enroll Michigan project played a central part in Michigan’s success in surpassing 2014 ACA enrollment targets with over 342,000 consumers selecting a health plan through the Marketplace. Enroll Michigan’s statewide network of Navigators are trained and available to assist consumers and small businesses, at no cost, in understanding enrollment options and navigate the health insurance marketplace of over 40 different health plans. Enroll Michigan also continues to play an important role in assisting eligible consumers with enrolling in Healthy Michigan, which has enrolled nearly 600,000 consumers in Michigan’s expanded Medicaid program.

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