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Guest Blog: Seniors and the Affordable Care Act

Monday was the monthly meeting for the Advocates for Senior Issues in Grand Rapids. This monthly meeting brings anywhere from 100-200 people interested in staying up-to-date on all issues facing seniors. The Advocates are affiliated with the Area Agency on Aging of West Michigan. I have been meeting with their healthcare advocacy group for the past few months keeping them updated on what is going on with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. This month we had the honor of presenting on the Affordable Care Act to the whole group as part of the 2 hour meeting. We were very pleased with the number of folks who stayed around after to speak to us about how much they loved our message of facts and not political rhetoric. It makes me proud of the work we are doing when so many people who need to know this information go out of their way to thank us. This battle for consumer friendly legislation will not stop, and its people like the Advocates for Senior Issues that push us to keep fighting.

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