Meet Tiffany Jones; Coalition Engagement Coordinator MCH

Posted: May 11, 2015
Hello All, My name is Tiffany Jones and I am the new Coalition Engagement Coordinator at Michigan Consumers for Healthcare. I just wanted to take the time to introduce myself to all of the Coalition Members. I have worked my entire career in the non-profit community. I have held positions working with at risk youth, the homeless population, mental health court and at one point was a case manage for an HIV/AIDS agency. I have an Associate’s Degree in Human Services and a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Service Administration from Baker College. I have a Master's Degree in Economics, two Master’s Certificates in Finance and Management from Walsh College. I am excited to be able to work with such a diverse membership. Your ideas and input is needed in assisting me with engaging the coalition and moving it forward. In an effort to obtain feedback from the membership, I sent a coalition survey to all of the members last week. I would encourage all of you to complete the survey. My position will include interacting with the coalition often; I will be focusing on a variety of areas to help strengthen and enhance our group. The first is to listen the the Coalition and resume having at least a quarterly meeting so that members can interact and engage with each other. This was mentioned several times in the survey results. Members stated that they found these meetings previously to be helpful and that it allowed for them to meet Coalition members and exchange ideas along with important information. For those of you who stay informed via our emails, I can assure you that I will be contributing to the newsletter as much as possible. There will be a variety of updates including what policies we are currently engaging at MCH. Secondly, I will be spending some time meeting with agencies throughout the state the service the LBGTQ community. This populations have very specific healthcare needs and there are some barriers to obtaining the care that they need. Finally, I will be working on health education and nutrition. This has been identified as a need in several of the surveys that I have received. The state did a wonderful job at getting individuals enrolled into a health care plan. However, there has been very little education to our consumers on how to properly use the coverage that they have. I am looking forward to having the opportunity to meet all of you as well as get your input and ideas on how to make the Coalition better. Kindest Regards,