Meet Alan Essig; an update from Michigan Consumers for Healthcare

Posted: April 29, 2015
Written by: Alan Essig, Executive Director of Michigan Consumers for Healthcare As I end my 2nd week as Executive Director of Michigan Consumers for Healthcare (MCH), I am more excited now than when I started. I am excited about being part of an organization that is working to ensure that Michigan consumers are educated about and have access to quality health insurance, as well as, a voice in the healthcare policy debates. I am excited to work with a highly motivated staff and board, as well as coalition partners from across the state. I am excited for the opportunity to get to know the diverse and beautiful state of Michigan. MCH will be going through a strategic planning process this summer where the board and staff will clarify the strategic priorities of the organization. The input of the broader coalition is critically important to this effort. In order the help gain our partner organizations input, I will be travelling the state meeting with many of the organizations that make up MCH. Being a recent immigrant to Michigan, I know that I have a lot to learn. It is fortunate that I will have a network of coalition partners willing to educate me on the most important health policy concerns facing Michigan consumers. The power of a coalition such as MCH is in the active input and support given to it by the individual member organizations. I pledge to work closely with the broader coalition to help ensure that consumers have a powerful voice. I look forward to working with you and encourage you to contact me with your questions and concerns. I hope to see you this summer!!